is An Automated Instant Payroll on the Blockchain : Interview with Ryan Fyfe, CEO and co-founder.

Share Tweet Share Share Email is a blockchain powered and innovative cloud software company revolutionizing the job industry by creating an automated and instant payroll on the blockchain for Workers and Employers. Behind Workchain is a diverse and distributed team of entrepreneurs headed by Ryan Fyfe, the CEO and co-founder, who will […]

Humanscape joins MediBloc as a third-party application using its PHR platform

Share Tweet Share Share Email MediBloc is a Healthcare information blockchain platform, optimizing the healthcare ecosystem. MediBloc is a unique decentralized platform for the medical field and upon which relevant medical applications are supported! Hence, other medical focused companies like Humanscape join the platform as third-party application. In a recent announcement […]

Enosi- Australia’s Blockchain Solution to Energy Crisis Goes Live With Its Energy Trading Platform

Share Tweet Share Share Email Blockchain-based energy startup Enosi launches its live energy trading platform; making clean energy trading and adoption possible for everyone. The advent of blockchain technology sparked a variety of innovative concepts across many disciplines. By being a decentralized method of handling things, it makes for a […]

Lambda is Providing Unlimited Data Storage Capabilities on Blockchain; Interview with CEO HE Xiao Yang

Share Tweet Share Share Email Lambda is a Disruptor in Blockchain-Based Storage Solution, bringing to the market, a fast, safe, and scalable blockchain infrastructure, which provides decentralized applications (DAPPs) data storage capabilities with unlimited scalability. The CEO HE Xiao Yang will be discussing the Lambda project with us in this interview. Please […]

SOciety Of BLOckchain (SOBLO) by KStarLive, Doongle, LegalBlock, and UnderPin; An alliance for blockchain scalability.

Share Tweet Share Share Email Alliances are strategies that enable different people or organizations to come together on a single page and support each other. By this, the strengths are combined and weaknesses are covered. Alliances have played major roles at all times. Be it military, strategic, business or […]

EOS Asia will make EOS the Ultimate Blockchain Infrastructure for Real Applications; Interview with cofounder Joseph Fanelli

Share Tweet Share Share Email EOS Asia is an EOS Block Producer, made up of all-star international team representing US, Europe, China, and Korea. By bringing world-class technical expertise and international representation, EOS Asia will make EOS the ultimate blockchain infrastructure for real applications. Joe will be discussing the EOS […]

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